QCX AGC Stock Status

The QCX AGC is currently out of stock.

I expect to have more stock around the 1st June. Keep an eye out at https://shop.electronvolt.co.uk.

There will be some minor changes to the second batch (revision B) - the circuit is identical but the changes should improve the ease of the installation process.

All required parts for the next batch are now on order / in manufacturing.

Currently on track for 1st June availability assuming no production delays.

PCBs are on track for the original availability estimate :heart:

Unfortunately the other parts of the kit look like they will not make it for 1st June :disappointed_relieved:

Now expect kits to be on sale around 20th June.

PCBs arrived today :tada:

Now starting work on updating testing tools and then will start testing the new stock.

Still waiting on other parts of the kit.

The remaining parts needed have now been despatched to us.

On schedule for 20th June restock!

A week’s worth of delays have been recovered :tada:

AGC kits will be back on sale on the 14th of June.

AGC kits are back in stock: QCX Auto Gain Control Kit